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Help lower the rate of preterm birth

The Washington University March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center is recruiting 1,000 volunteers for a study that follows women throughout pregnancy. The purpose is to learn more about how the body changes during pregnancy and why some babies are born too early.

Ultimately, we hope our research will help to lower the rate of preterm birth, which is higher in St. Louis (12.5% of live births) and St. Louis County (10.6%) than the national average (9.6%), especially among black women.

Who can take part?

We are especially interested in hearing from women who were born prematurely or who already have a baby who was born prematurely.

What’s involved?

  • Attending 6 study visits after your regularly scheduled prenatal appointments
  • Wearing a fitness tracker (like a Fitbit) on your wrist throughout pregnancy
  • Answering basic questions about things like your diet and sleep habits

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It’s very important that participants go to all 6 study visits so we can track changes across pregnancy. (Click to enlarge.)

Study visits (6)

After each prenatal visit with your doctor, you’ll have a separate study visit with a doctor or nurse from our project team, who will do a vaginal exam. Sometimes you will complete survey questions or be sent home with a kit to collect your saliva.

It’s very important that you go to all 6 study visits so we can track changes across pregnancy.

Location of study visits

Center for Outpatient Health (COH)
4901 Forest Park Ave.
3rd Floor OB/GYN clinic
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Our goal is to schedule your study visits as soon as possible after your regular prenatal visits.

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Sign up

If you’re ready to sign up, or have a question, please call or text one of our study coordinators.

Sabrina, study coordinator
Mobile (text/call): 314-243-6833



Kristi, study coordinator
Mobile (text/call):314-250-0360