Transdisciplinary focus

Our team of investigators come from many different backgrounds, creating the foundation of the Prematurity Research Center’s (PRC) transdisciplinary approach to research, defined as the collaboration of scientific pursuits across disciplines.

Our research projects bring together clinicians and scientists from the fields of obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, cardiology, radiology, biology, and genetics.

Research themes

Currently, the PRC has three major research themes of inquiry, with a team assigned to each, as well as an education core to help us look forward to new opportunities beyond these themes.

High-Speed Functional Photoacoustic Endoscopy for Assessment of Cervical Remodeling

Theme 1 investigators aim to answer the question, “Can the cervix tell us when a woman may go into labor too soon? ”

3-Dimensional Electrophysiology of the Uterus: Early Electrical Maturation in the Etiology of Preterm Birth (Electromyometrial Imaging: EMMI)

Theme 2 investigators are exploring whether preterm labor looks different from term labor.

The Influence of Chronotype on Risk of Preterm Birth

Theme 3 investigators want to know if the disruption of maternal sleep/wake patterns contribute to preterm birth.

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