Pilot Grant Program

Each year, the PRC funds pilot grants through a Transdisciplinary Developmental Funding Program, to foster the discovery in novel areas of preterm birth research.

Researchers in any discipline within the Washington University community are encouraged to explore high-risk ideas that specifically investigate ways to detect or prevent preterm birth that will generate preliminary data for subsequent extramural applications to the NIH or to non-governmental foundations.

We are not currently accepting applications at this time. For more information about the pilot funding program, please contact:
Jessica Chubiz at jchubiz@wustl.edu



Amanda Lewis, PhD (Molecular Microbiology): “Computational and Functional studies of Yeast Microbiome Interactions and their Association with Preterm Birth.”


Molly Stout, MD (OB/GYN): “Preterm Birth: Interface Between Viruses, Bacteria, and the Maternal Host.”

Yong Wang, PhD (OB/GYN): “Noninvasively measure the cervix mechanical properties using magnetic resonance elastography.”


Zorimar Rivera-Nunez, PhD (Public Health): “Exposure to Toxic Metals during Pregnancy: A Biological Mechanistic Approach.”

Christopher Smyser, MD (Neurology, Pediatrics) and David Limbrick, MD, PhD (Neurosurgery, Pediatrics): “Effects of Cerebrospinal Fluid Diversion on Functional Connectivity in Prematurely-Born Infants with Hydrocephalus.”